About the Founder

Dr Subimal Dutt was born in very poor family in 1973 in very remote village call Purbo Kushboni, Contai in Bay of Bengal. In his childhood he was very much disciplinary and active in social work. He used to help the poor and needy in individually and collective. In beginning he also used to work local Government with hand in hand in his school life. In very child he was naughty but it develops to help other even he may not have own to survive. His hobby was drama and folk culture. He is Very much cultural respected person. He has completed his MA in Chennai and PhD in counseling Bangalore and Medical Diploma in Vellore CMC and other diploma too. In 1994 in month of Dec he came to serve as Pastoral work and during Dr. Subimal Dutta was pastoral ministry during those days of initiation, he stumped up ambivalent circumstances in existence on the rampage then in terms of affliction, distress; pain & suffering of people that upset his heart & that harrowing experience give a fillip to the idea of giving birth to this social & benevolent organization amidst the people. He endeavored to put into practice in various ways & means in order to exterminate and/or diminish to some extent these adversity, despondency, dejection, melancholy, pitiable condition, expropriation and destitution among affectionate & tender – hearted children, women & people but he was not in a position to knock down all these and render assistance to them. In his such an eclipsed & helpless condition, mental anguish & bitter experience when he did not find any way out to help and stand by them and was groping about in the dark – the almighty God taught him many lessons about these helpless lives and devastated society and He by His words and speeches penetrated into his heart and life ‘Caring for orphans, widows and who need help, and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence’ (James-1: 27).

Upon solemn and sturdy foundation of these instructions he has established Ambassadors in 23rd April 1995 which call Charity Day / Ambassadors Day

He has been help many other Institution as founder or associated founder – CSI West Bengal Mission, Happy and Holy Home Society, Ambassadors Welfare Society, Acts Ministries, Ambassador Charitable Society and many other even with manifold oppositions, hurdles and risks.

The most golden memory of Social & Charity Challenges was On 24th Nov, 2011 for awarded to Dr.Dutta by the “BHARAT BIDYA RATAN AWARD 2010” by the hand of Dr. H. Mahabir, Governor ofMP; Mr. Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.) & Former C.B.I. Director (India) & On 27th August 2012 for awarded to Dr. Dutta by the “BHARAT BIBHUSAN” by the hand of H.E. Mr. Waven William, High commissioner of the Republic of Seychelles; Ambassador (Dr.) V.B. Soni, former Diplomat/Ambassador retired from the Indian Foreign service & Shri Harish Rawat, Kendrya Jal Sansadhan Ministry/Parliamentary of Affairs – Govt. of India AND On 30th September 2013 for awarded to Dr Dutta by the “RASHTRIYA PRAGATI” by the hand of Dr. G.V.G. Krishna Murthy, Hon’ble Former Election Commissioner & Dr. Bhishma- Narain-Singh, Hon’ble Former Governor of Tamil Nadu & Assam & Others It is significant symbol of dedication and sacrifice in the field of Charity.