You can be Part of this Blessing

Getting Involves

You can be in the Mission Field through your Co operation

All our financial needs are met with the free will offering/sponsorship of people and Organization who love the people and have a sense of responsibility towards the Painful People, Despised Children and community.

We are longing the organizational partnership for these Ambassadors activities. Ambassadors will follow the rules for the specific project which will be sponsor by partner organization. If any organization would like to Partner with us please contact us for the same.

How you can be Partners in this Mission Field?

  • - By Praying
  • - By Visiting and Encouraging
  • - By taking Children's Parent ship
  • - By taking Family/Missionary Partnership


  • - Sponsoring to day care Child
  • - Sponsoring in Children Home's Child
  • - Sponsoring in Children Welfare's Child
  • - Sponsoring in Children Education
  • - By Sponsoring to Volunteers/workers
  • - By Sponsoring to Volunteers/workers
  • - By Contributing in Charitable Dispensary
  • - By Sponsoring to Helpless Woman/Old Man
  • - By Sponsoring/ contributing for other Regular Needs
  • - By Introducing Others who are Mission minded and interested to assist this Ministry
  • - By Contributing for Land/Building
  • - By giving Medical support

By Sponsoring Other needs in following Activities

If you are interested in any things please mail to us we will send you all details accordingly. Not only that you will be getting letter/reply from your sponsors child/person/workers & etc in every 6 month through the channel of respective department. Your Prayers and encouragement keep us moving forward. All Donations/ Contribution/ Sponsoring in Finances/in Kind should be made payable to :

What You Can Do

  • - You can introduce this Ministry to others
  • - You can visit us
  • - You can encourage us
  • - You can advices us
  • - You can sponsor /Donation the needs (One time/monthly/annually in kind or in cash)

Not because I (ASS) desire a gift: but I (ASS) desire fruit that may abound to your account (Phil 4:17).

Because of your Donations/sponsorship

  • 1. The children able released from poverty!
  • 2. The children are able to be good citizens in future!
  • 3. The children able to get safe!
  • 4. Many life shall be safe and will be live with full of hope & Joy!
  • 5. Dying communities will be exalted!
  • 6. You will surely see the new experiences of joy!
  • 7. You will express your love and responsibilities towards others.
  • 8. You will bring possibilities for ASS to serve needy and to bring them out from their dangerous situations!
  • 9. You shall be blessed by God the creator!

PLEASE ... Contact us

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