AMBASSADORS Service Society (In East India) is a National Indigenous Non-political, Non-profit making, Missionary Charitable Organization that works largely with communities on initiatives linked to their social empowerment and livelihood support. The organization is known for its tangible interventions tenaciously induced to cause empyreal empowerment of the excluded sections of the Society in the areas of Child Care, Tribal Welfare, Education, Health, Resource Conservation, Youth Participation, Cultural Issues and Women and Community Empowerment.

Ambassadors Service Society has derived its origin within the trials & tribulations of people in general of all sects irrespective of caste, creed& colour. When Dr. Subimal Dutta was pastoral ministry during those days of initiation, he stumped up ambivalent circumstances in existence on the rampage then in terms of affliction, distress; pain & suffering of people that upset his heart & that harrowing experience give a fillip to the idea of giving birth to this social & benevolent organization amidst the people. He endeavored to put into practice in various ways & means in order to exterminate and/or diminish to some extent these adversity, despondency, dejection, melancholy, pitiable condition, expropriation and destitution among affectionate & tender hearted children, women & people but he was not in a position to knock down all these and render assistance to them. In his such an eclipsed & helpless condition, mental anguish & bitter experience when he did not find any way out to help and stand by them and was groping about in the dark the almighty God taught him many lessons about these helpless lives and devastated society and He by His words and speeches penetrated into his heart and life Caring for orphans, widows and who need help, and keeping yourself free from the worlds evil influence (James-1: 27). Upon solemn and sturdy foundation of these instructions, ASS gets established in the month of April, 1995 with manifold oppositions, hurdles and risks.

ASS have humble beginning on 23rd (Sunday) April, 1995 at buffalo hut at Tilaboni tribal remote village through the services of Gospel awareness, couching and adult literacy around the 5 villages and after few days at Tilaboni (Mahisamura) village ASS got donated land 6.5 decimal and on that land ASS have made mud building with bamboos. For this few dedicated volunteers had been works hard to build up & have its own office & all those volunteers were migrated from Bay of Bengal (Contai) and for the building things were contributed by local people. Gradually the Mission Activities grew and in the year of 2005 Society has changed its registered office from Tilaboni to Patharhuri which is at very Road side in forest area.

ASS starts its way with clear and distinct vision and firm commitment to minister / serve the needy and neglected children, disable person, destitute and distressed woman folk / people as well as communities akin to the identical adjuncts. With this end in view and to steer clear of brinkmanship, the attainment of unity and confederation forges to embark on the solution, plausible relief and comfort in all sorts of horrible situations under the umbrella of ASS. Ambassadors Service Society has initiated its activities in the year 1995 in terror ruined, disease ridden, draught affected and socially deprived region of Keshiary forming part of West Midnapore district in West Bengal and till-to-date its diverse development activities have reached to others State in India.