Kids Kingdom


Ambassadors working in several remote rural tribal villages with child development project where child can fulfill his/her dream and be self supported civilize citizen.

As parents are ignore to meet their child need as well not interest for their child education because parents maximum hrs in their daily living under local liqueur.

Ambassadors look for support for each child once child is registered in our program. We look forward and try to bring up our registered child minimum education Class 10th standard, and able to have any skill with them so that they may survive where ever they move, these are very minimum curriculum have to complete if once is enrolled but apart from that any child can move more and more with their dream if they may obtain minimum no 60 % in schooling in class 12th standard with fulfilling our FOUR curriculum without fail

  1. Socio emotional
  2. Cognitive
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual

Any individual can sponsor for single child or any Institution can sponsor for minimum 50 child which will be single project In those places Where Children are not getting regularly three times Food in a day and whose parents are continually with local liquor/alcohol, not interested in their Children's future. Children will be in the project up to their Adolescence and at the same time, children will keep in touch with their parents/family to reduce all type of superstations, alcohol, child marriage and child laborer

Distributing the Needs of Children

The "Ambassadors" has the following Focus for Children Welfare

  • Free coaching according their schooling system
  • Medical care and Meals
  • Providing Educational Materials
  • Uniforms/Clothing and other daily needs
  • Counseling to parents
  • Cultural activities
  • Games and Sports etc.
  • Providing special family gift
  • Holistic Developments


The Children who do not have any address to stay, children who may not have parents, Fully

parents are alcoholic/mad, any child very despised not loved by parents for any reasons! Very poor but have several children in the family and parents unable to provide to their daily need in those situation Ambassadors have been taking care and custody as parents with love.

The Ambassadors has the following Focus on Children Home

  • Advocating on behalf of the Children.
  • Making the Children to believe that all Children have the right to have full intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social development.
  • Free the Children from poverty, exploitation and abuse.
  • Give Children a voice, leadership training and opportunities to take action on issues, which affect them from local to national levels.
  • Under privileged children should grow to maturity and should have healthy involvement in the community. Priority is given to the poorest.
  • Ambassador assists and enables children to improve their quality of life.
  • To improve the family conditions of marginalized Children in their Home.
  • To provide them basic requirements so that they may become true and better Citizens of our Nation
  • Educating girl child, we educate the family: but educating boy child, we educate the person so have to educate both boy and girl equally to fulfill the purpose well - Subimal

Girls child need more protection and love in this Nation:

In this critical services Ambassador need your cooperation to make this world true and joyous in each child life who are coming in our care and custody


Ambassadors serving lactating mother, provide them nutritious food to keep themselves and their child healthy.

Regular monthly health checkup is done to both mother and child by our Doctors. Medicines, supplement food for the children and mother,hygiene is given free of cost.

There are female staffs that we call Implementer Sister who take care of all the mother and child. They are visiting the houses of each mother regularly.

Group meeting is conducted every week in this meeting they are taught to make ORS. They are taught about child care, hygiene, timely immunization of children and literacy class is also trying to conduct.

Children are provided toys to play that help them in physical and mental growth. Soon the mother will be given vocational training as tailoring and craft work Ambassadors also provides dress to the child and mother.

Every month birthday of the children is celebrated. The children cut cake and gift are given. Awareness is given to mother regarding health social behavior.

Literacy class is tried to conduct for the mothers. They will be taught to read and write so that mothers can write their name and address.

To stop mortality rate so child and Mother both are taking care when mother is one month pregnant but 4th Birth day of child we gave retrainment from the project throgh farewel celebration.