The Socio-economic condition in the reference area

The Women: According to a Sakshi Survey- 28% of Indias workforce are women.80% women confess that sexual harassment exits in their work places. 53% women complain that they do not get equal opportunities and are treated unfairly either by employer or co-workers. In fact, the origin of the problem faced by the women folk is gender based ominous. Men are unable to accept them as equal in their profession. Once a woman has stepped into the mans world, she is expected to shun her femininity and inhibitions. Her going out for job adds to her vulnerability. She is not safe even travelling by public transport, exposes her to every kind of eve teasing, molestation and obscene remark. There is a security problem at their work place too. Sexual harassment and unwelcome sexual advances make hell of her life. In case she tries to uphold her dignity, everyone around her will be hostile to her. Even at home she is victim chauvinism. Time management between her work field duties and domestic duties is her great headache. Every man wishes for a working partner but in practice the same man becomes an exploitative husband. He expects her to do domestic work, look after children, and perform her wifely duties efficiently and supremely to earn two square meals for the family. To satisfy her drunker husband or unscrupulous in laws and supply little food for the children, the beleaguered mother, irrespective labor or agriculture has to work roughly 15 hours longer each week than man. Still, many a time they are victims of nervous breakdown or suffer from guilt complex.

Salvation: In such tragic reference situation Patharhuri Child development Centre, Patherhuri Mother- child Survival Project, Patharhuri Community Development Centre, Tailoring & Embroidering training by vocational Course are running monitoring by Ambassadors Service Society for the empowerment of women one.
Motto:- Women must have to shield themselves with courage, confidence and education. She must combine her famine mystique with brown. She must not labor under misconception about liberty as sexual liberty, obscene exposure or her neglect of wifely and motherly duties.

Area: The socio- economic condition of the reference area is in bleak. Contradictory envy with social alienation is one of the most dreadful equipments. Social alienation is isolation from the society which is nothing but single kind of swaggering unfriendliness or revengeful misdeeds with people living around. People do not get the help or advice or co-operation of theirs neighbors at the time of essential emergency need.

Rather many escape communities function by offering lame excuses. However, unfortunately at the time of destructive sequence some bully type groups unmask theirs tooth and nail desperately.
They prefer love- knot unite with the social miscreants, supply regular instigation to rape the Christian minorities women care- givers, firing up the Christians faithful Church with properties, abuse the girl adolescents especially tribal & minorities. Does repeated violence attack throwing bricks- stones for forcible collection of Tola or subscription or illegal demand of high posting service job in our social welfare organization so on and so forth. At present situation, the deadly disease of social alienation has turned up such a low infectious level that even if one tries to help someone else, it is looked down upon with suspicion. As the tremendous consequences, it increases the high risk of psychotic illness in the society. Innocent huge children are brought up, as the future generation of our nation, in such an environment that tends to develop a sense of apathy towards neighboring people around them.