This is wonderful news. We, on behalf of students, professors and IIT Kharagpur family are happy to extend our help. Thank you for reaching out to us.

Dear Dr. Dutta,

On 14th Oct, 2019

It is good to learn of your ministry and to remember you before the throne of grace. We pray "that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith" (2Thess 1:11). As you commit your life and your circumstances to Christ, you may be assured that God loves you and understands and cares. He will make provision according to His loving Plan.

- Mark S. Webster, Billy Graham Association, USA.

Dear Subimal,

I do appreciate your commitment for the Gospel, the Lord is clearly seen in your sacrificial willingness, He will compensate for that and will bless you in your Ministry in days to come.

- Rev. C. V. John, Advancing Native Mission, USA

Dear Dr.Subimal Dutta,

I praise God with you that he is at work in you and your Society. May God continue to help you and give you strength and wisdom, I do pray God would encourage you and show His great love to you as you serve Him.

-In Christ, - Tamara Rasmuson, Mission Moving Mountains


We do appreciate what you are doing and dreaming to do for the glory of Christ.

Yours for souls, - Jon Nelms, Chairman of Final Frontiers Foundation, USA

Dear Dr.Subimal Dutta,

Your organization is engaged in important and necessary activities on behalf of the people of India. We pray God's blessings upon your work.

Sincerely, - The Rev. Margrethe S. C. Kleiber, Program Director for South Asia,Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Dear Dr. Dutta:

We trust that the Lord will provide all that is needed to serve Him through the channel of His choosing.

Sincerely, - Mark Eller, Regional Director, Samaritan's Purse, USA

Dear Dr. Subimal Dutta,

You are coordinating very important and meaningful work in Rural and Tribal areas of East India. We are very impressed with your commitment and the services that you are providing to those in need.

Sincerely, - Alycia Fahr - Zarlons, Holt International

Dear Dr. Dutta:

Greeting and love to you and your wife. We were exited to see with our eyes the work you are doing. May God provide, bless and keep you and your wife safe as you serve the Lord.

His Servant, - Dr. K. Rooks, Director of ICE, USA